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Out now: Guide to Seattle Zoning

Two of our goals for this New Year included creating more in-depth pieces about zoning and being more transparent about UrbanForm's process.

Towards that end, we're releasing the 2nd in our series called "How Do I Find My Zoning?"

Plus it's part of our broader mission to make zoning more accessible and manageable.

This second installment is for the City of Seattle, and we're proud to make it available immediately online here: How do I find my zoning? | UrbanForm

The reason why we're doing these "How Do I Find My Zoning" guides? Because:

Obtaining zoning information can be challenging. Not only are the zoning rules completely different in each jurisdiction, but how to find the information is also completely different.

It’s helpful to have a guide to make sure you are getting up-to-date, authoritative, and complete zoning information. That is what we are providing here.

Seattle's zoning, in particular among the cities that UrbanForm currently covers, is quite daunting. It's a challenging municipal code to access, understand, and navigate. And so we hope this guide provides value above and beyond.

Our previous guide, to the City of Portland, can be found here: How do I find my zoning in Portland | UrbanForm

Coming next: San Diego, California and Austin, Texas!


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