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One year. One client. A review

Updated: Apr 4

This is the usage chart for one of UrbanForm's subscribers over the last 12 months.

They're a small architecture design and build firm focused on infill development, ADUs, and residential work.

Though they're not a big account (less than 5-person firm), their usage demonstrates how transformational UrbanForm can be for small firms.

Instead of measuring the time spent on UrbanForm's site, we track specific events: each lot or parcel selected and any report downloads.

This is because our goal is to facilitate the work of building professionals, which is designing, drafting, meeting with clients and consultants, and building--not tethering them further to their screens.

As you can see, in each month (save for November, for some reason) there is a lot of clicking on various lots to quickly assess basic site properties.

Then in certain months, a more detailed document is needed, and a PDF is downloaded for either further research or communication.

Each of these events on UrbanForm represents a significant savings in time: anywhere from half an hour for some basic property and zoning research to several hours for deeper zoning research and site due diligence.

As the owner put it: 

"Let's say I get five inquiries a week, and maybe two of them are really qualified. So what was like this potential 5 hours of work just to prove it ended up being a 30-minute investigation. I downloaded the [UrbanForm] report, I sent it to them, and I didn't have to spend an additional half an hour crafting an email or reviewing it with them. I said, yeah, this [UrbanForm] is a really powerful tool."

UrbanForm is time saved and work progressed.

Ultimately, it's on behalf of clients, their business, and the quality of their work and our cities.

AND it represents healthy business development.

For small firms, balancing the work of business development with their project deliverables can be really difficult.

It's often the line between a practice that's growing and one that's drowning.

The power of UrbanForm is giving those practices a boost--allowing them to better deliver their projects while making sure that business development is handled efficiently and effectively.

That's our goal.

Clarity. Confidence. As quickly as possible. With UrbanForm. 

Watch out for more later, as we'll take a look at a larger firm and review their UrbanForm usage patterns.


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