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Our "competitors"

Updated: Feb 28

When we first started building UrbanForm about 4 years ago, we looked around to see if there were other companies already trying to do what we were hoping to do. 🤔

We didn't see much. That was both a good thing and a bad thing. 😶

Paradoxically, it wasn't until we learned that Google had tried to do something similar that we felt confident to pursue our idea. On the one hand, if Google tried it, that meant there was definitely a market for it. ✅ One the other hand, why did Google stop doing it⁉

Those are lessons that we'll share in another post 😉

But in the time since we built and started selling UrbanForm, it seems like every month more and more companies jump in. ➕➕➕

Which we're very happy about--we fully believe in the value and potential of what each and every one of these companies is working on. 🚀

It is, of course, the same value and potential as UrbanForm. 🚀🚀

Each and every company has a slightly different angle and approach towards zoning.

But the end goal is really the same: better, more efficient, and more powerful ways to make decisions about building. 🏢

So no matter what, the winner is really the same: our buildings, cities, and environments.

The very physical world you and I live in. 🌍

The places our children will inherit. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

That's what we're working for, and why we're happy that others are working on it, too.

We hope to serve as best we can. And if we can't, we hope someone else can.

So here's some of our quote-unquote competitors, in alphabetical order, along with a description from their own website: "Archistar is a platform that helps property developers find profitable sites with unmatched speed and simplicity. It offers a range of features, such as site assessment, design generator, profitability analysis, due diligence report and more, powered by world-first AI and data sources." "Canibuild is a visual sales tool that helps you site, plan, and quote any parcel of land in the US with ease and accuracy. Search aerial imagery, view site information, check zoning and rules, and download site plans and flyers in seconds." "We’re building an operating system for urban development." "CityBldr has launched SaaS products for Local, Regional and Enterprise companies, including brokers, builders, developers, operators, investors, lenders and asset managers. The platform is live in over 150 cities in the US and Canada." "Precision Analytics for Property Acquisition and Development" "Giraffe is a tool that lets you create and share vibrant cities with 3D models, maps, data and calculations. You can collaborate with your team, host engaging presentations, and access your data from any device or platform." "Our unique geospatial technology solutions deliver the deepest parcel-level zoning data & intelligence to streamline site selection for developers & help cities make their zoning information easier to interpret & understand."

Land.Tech: "LandTech is the smartest way for any property professional to source, finance and accelerate their projects." "We provide commercial, geographical, spatial, and environmental building data on one platform." "The National Zoning Atlas is a collaborative project digitizing, demystifying, & democratizing ~30,000 U.S. zoning codes. It was founded by Cornell University professor Sara Bronin and has involved over 300 zoning and geospatial analysts." "Regrid is a provider of parcel data solutions for various purposes, such as site selection, GIS, and land use analysis. Regrid offers parcel data via bulk files, API, and feature service, as well as a 100% coverage map and a property app." "Visualize, plan, and build the future with high-resolution 3D models that bring your reality to life." "Symbium uncovers property information so you can see what's possible on any parcel. Find out how a property is being used, its permit history, and how it can be developed. Simply search. We'll take it from there." "TestFit is a tool that helps you plan, design, and vet out sites for real estate projects with real-time AI and data." "UrbanForm gives you confidence and clarity with zoning as quickly as possible. ​UrbanForm manages the process of sourcing, parsing, calculating, and documenting the relevant zoning regulations and building information—replacing a hodgepodge of manual and analog processes with one click." "Zenerate offers AI-powered solutions to streamline feasibility studies, explore development possibilities and visualize market trends for real estate projects." "AI-driven Zoning Analysis & Site Search. Preferred by real estate industry leaders for efficient zoning due diligence and accelerated site acquisition." "Urban analytics platform enabling people to successfully navigate the complexities of New York City zoning."

Did I miss any?


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