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Announcing Bellevue

We're happy to be able to make Bellevue now available for all UrbanForm customers 🎉🎉🎉

One of the most annoying things about zoning is that all the rules, maps, and sources are completely different for each and every jurisdiction 😖 

It's a completely new research project to find the basic zoning rules for a property in a different city. 

UrbanForm makes these multi-hour-multi-day research projects available instantly. 😍 

Kinda like how ChatGPT can write an essay instantly. 🤯 

We've built UrbanForm to serve those who need zoning information at the most granular level: architects. 🔍 

Because if architects can trust UrbanForm, then everyone else can as well. 

Our new Seattle-region UrbanForm app means that you can get all the zoning information you need for both the City of Seattle and City of Bellevue, Washington with one click. 🖱 

For those keeping track, that makes 5 jurisdictions served by UrbanForm ➕➕➕➕➕

Watch out for more soon 😉 


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