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Lunch & Learn:
"Zoning: Origins, Evolution, and Consequences"

UrbanForm is happy to present a Lunch-and-Learn session to interested companies.

See below for course details, presenter bios, and how to schedule.
Course Title: 

"Zoning: Origins, Evolution, and Consequences"


Course Description: 

This course provides a brief history of zoning in the US and its evolution till today. Zoning information and compliance is required by every single design and construction project in the US, yet its origins and impacts are not well understood. This course will introduce the history of zoning, how it has evolved, and how it is typically managed by architects and builders today. 


Learning Objectives:

A basic understanding of the history of zoning; what are the legal bases for its implementation, how it has been applied, contemporary mechanisms for regulating the built environment, and how architects can better manage the acquisition of zoning information required for their projects. 


This session can be provided over Zoom or in-person, depending on availability in certain geographies 

Lunch can be provided for confirmed attendees in firms no larger than 10. 

No AIA CEU credits are currently available (certification is in progress).




Co-Founder & CEO

Quang Truong

AIA, Registered architect in NY and OR

Author "Composite Architecture" Birkhäuser

Faculty Portland State University

M.Arch, Yale

A.B., Dartmouth

Quang Truong, AIA, is an architect with almost 20 years of practice experience in national architecture firms, an adjunct professor of architecture at Portland State University, and has authored a book on design technology. He is currently the co-founder and CEO of UrbanForm, a company that provides a software tool to manage the process of acquiring zoning information for architects, developers, and contractors. He has a Masters in Architecture from Yale University.

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