UrbanForm gives you the zoning rules and development standards that govern what you can build on a property. The info you need. Nothing you don't.  


Uses AI to show you only the relevant regulations

Smart Phone

Mobile or desktop with no software to download


Easy online map interface


Instant Detailed Reports

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Our mission:
to support and empower the people trying to make better buildings, cities, and environments

Built by architects and engineers to provide instant, easy access to what was one of the most complex, confusing, and inaccessible aspects of building design and development—the zoning.


Skip the government websites, the map and document search, text interpretation, reference cross-checking, CAD-drafting, and phone calls to the building department. Just use UrbanForm and get your project started right away with all the info you need. 


How UrbanForm works

UrbanForm uses AI to aggregate the zoning and development standards, determine its applicability, and calculate the results.


This information is then presented online, accessible via interactive maps and downloadable reports, with zoning explanations, clickable links to original source material, and no software to download.


UrbanForm puts crucial building and development information in your hands instantly—the kind of information you otherwise would need to spend hours-to-days acquiring and calculating. This makes zoning more accessible, more useful, and more powerful to a broader audience. 


Search by address or by interactive map

Start by typing in the address or clicking on a property on the interactive map. Accessible from anywhere with a web browser, UrbanForm's easy-to-use interface means anyone with an internet connection can see zoning results instantly anywhere.

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Review the applied zoning

See the setbacks, height limits, FAR, coverage, and other zoning regulations applied, taking into consideration all adjustments from overlays, adjacencies, and other location-based dependencies. See the resulting square footages calculated with the MaxBuild statistics. 

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Download Reports instantly

Take detailed PDF zoning reports with you, available instantly at the click of a button. 15+ pages of maps, images, detailed zoning information, explanations, calculations, and links to source data for verification and further study. Useful for valuation, feasibility, coordination, and collaboration. 


Search, filter, and sort

Powerful search, filter, and sort capabilities now mean you can proactively find properties that meet certain development criteria, such as maximum gross square footage, minimum height limits, allowable uses, even lot dimensions and orientation (such as corner lots). Take development to the next level. 

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Accurate zoning information, instantly available, to facilitate development, design, and construction work

Every single construction project in the US requires accurate zoning information: for project development and feasibility, architecture and design, and permitting and compliance.


Previously, this information required hours-to-weeks worth of document discovery, interpretation, reference-checks, and CAD drafting. Now, with UrbanForm, this same information can be obtained instantly.


This allows the people who build our buildings and cities to get started faster, manage their projects better, spend less time reading arcane documents, and think more creatively about the future of our built environment. 

Map-based interface

Detailed Sources and References

Bonuses and Restrictions Explained

Used by the most forward-thinking architects and developers.

Join our growing community of architects, developers, brokers, municipalities, and ordinary citizens, all working towards a better built environment. Request a free trial today. 

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What People Say About UrbanForm

"Yes. I love this. Lots of amazing and easy to access information on here. I would definitely use the pay as you go service for properties I am going to buy in Portland. That's a great report."

Jared S,

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"It's just much easier to understand and faster. I was really impressed with how the map showed a visual of what the adjacent properties impact was on our site. It's so much better than the PortlandMaps zoning map."
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Alex Y., Architect

"This is amazing, and I can't believe this hasn't existed before."

Laila S.,

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"I think that is the real power of UrbanForm, to enable me to go after sites more proactively!"

Blaine W.,

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Explore Our Plans and Subscriptions

Ready for instant access to advanced building information? Free or paid subscriptions are available to provide the right amount of information to advance your work. Custom subscriptions, data plans, and firm-wide access options are available upon request. 

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for a single property




Single Report

For those who need one-time detailed zoning and building information about a single property

Detailed, site-specific zoning info, in PDF format


Zoning explanations, calcs, and source links

Static satellite maps, vector maps, and illustrations​

FAR, height limits, setbacks, coverage limits, and unit mins/maxs detailed

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Custom plans available

contact us



Best for Architects and Real Estate Professionals who need frequent access to detailed and advanced zoning and building info

Detailed, site-specific zoning info, available online


Zoning explanations, calcs, and source links available online

Interactive satellite maps, vector maps, and illustrations​

FAR, height limits, setbacks, coverage limits, and unit mins/maxs detailed online

Includes 5 free reports / month

Become a local zoning expert instantly

UrbanForm is the fastest way to go from knowing nothing to knowing almost everything about the zoning


Calculated zoning results

Pie Chart

MaxBuild Statistics

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Building envelopes in 3d


Powerful search and filter tools

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