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Wow is often the response we get

On the top left corner of the UrbanForm web app is a rather innocuous button, called "MaxBuild 3d Envelopes".

But if you click on it, you'll instantly see all the setbacks and height limits in 3D--the "building envelopes"--for every property across the entire city.

You can use the right mouse button to orbit around (just like you would in Google Earth).

Often, when we're demoing UrbanForm to potential customers, this is the moment when they stop and run to grab others.


Because it used to take hours to determine all the correct setbacks and height limits that applied to a specific property.

Then it would take even more hours to draft and model them for visualization.

The result of this work is to generate what is sometimes known as the building envelope: the 3-dimensional boundaries within which all structures must be contained.

Architects and developers know that it can be really tough to study a property's true constraints. Tough, time-consuming, and costly.

And unless you had a lot of time and money to burn, you would rarely undertake the effort to study the surrounding properties. And you would never be able to do it for the whole city.

But now you can.

UrbanForm has made this available instantly with the MaxBuild 3d Envelopes. See it from any internet browser. Even on your phone.

Then use our MaxBuild Unit Calculator to quickly assess what can be built within the limits (subject for another post 😉)

Try it now for:

Let us know if we can help you study and visualize development potential faster and better than ever before ;)


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