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Why UrbanForm? Part 1

This past summer, UrbanForm was a member of the 2022 PIE (Portland Incubator Experiment) cohort, along with other great startups such as:

among many others.

Coordinated and run by Rick Turoczy, PIE has been an accelerator in the truest sense of the word--we've completely accelerated our development in all aspects of our business, and it was made possible only through the connections, mentorship, programming, and feedback made possible by Rick Turoczy and the network that he's built here in Portland.

One example of this is PIE's partnership with Autodesk. For the past summer, and for the foreseeable future, UrbanForm's offices are in residence at Autodesk's amazing new office HQ in Portland (in a renovated historic warehouse in the central eastside designed by Mackenzie). With its great community of makers and builders, and the dedicated support of Autodesk employees such as Miguel Higgins Moy, Denise McCarty, Alana Mongkhounsavath, and Cyan Perry, this alone has been worth more than can be articulated.

And as of today and tomorrow, leading up to October 12, PIE is having its annual Demo Day (#piedemoday).

Recorded pitches from participating startups will be followed by a virtual trade show--an opportunity for an audience of interested investors, advisors, tech followers, and any interested members of the general public will get an opportunity to see the innovation and ideas being developed and speak to the founders themselves.

If you'd like to learn more about this event, you can go to:

To see the recorded pitches, you can go to PIE's YouTube channel at:

UrbanForm's 'pitch' is there, too, and I'll be talking more about our recorded pitch in Part 2 of this blog post, which can be found here: Why UrbanForm? Part 2

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