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When we see one of our customers using UrbanForm heavily, we know it's a good sign

YBA Principal and Founder Alex Yale

Not only because it shows they are finding value with it, but also because it means they've got a full pipeline of work they're exploring.

UrbanForm's mission is to support the people working to make better buildings and cities, so when they're succeeding, we're succeeding.

And so we asked: can we share some news about your firm and some recent wins?

They responded: how about we give UrbanForm a testimonial? Here's what they wrote:

At YBA Architects, we use UrbanForm regularly to help organize and graphically summarize the development potential for prospective sites in Portland. It is a powerful tool to help confirm and synthesis the zoning code. The maps and reports available on this platform can save time and help find nuances that are obscure amongst the various superseding plan districts and overlay zones often found in Portland’s code.


Read more about YBA's great architectural contributions to the City of Portland in a previous post: Featured Customer: YBA Architects (

Thanks Alex Yale, AIA, NCARB! We're happy you are part of a group of dedicated, hard-working, design-forward architects working to make better buildings for the environment we're in.


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