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Testimonial: "It's about information management. . . "

The Blossoming Lotus. Photo via

I had the chance to lunch with another of UrbanForm's first adopters this past week.

I would have characterized this person as slightly skeptical of UrbanForm at first, since they were extremely proficient and knowledgeable of the local zoning codes.

But in the time since they've been subscribing, I'd noticed their usage of UrbanForm was steadily ticking upwards.

So I asked, "What changed?"

This is what they said:

"I'm still the kind of person who triple-checks the zoning code for every project, but zoning is the kind of thing where there are levels of granularity. And UrbanForm gets you to that first level of understanding, with the majority of the information you need, much faster than anything else.
Also, the graphics are beautiful, and the site is fast, so it helps you navigate and understand the zoning context much better. I've even sent screenshots to my clients.
It's about information management; UrbanForm is indispensable at this point."

My response: "Ok, let me get this all down. . . " 🤗


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