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Elasticity of Supply

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Why is housing so expensive⁉ 

It has to do with the elasticity of supply

Econ-nerds will throw around this term around all day long without realizing that nobody else knows what they're talking about.

(Or perhaps the econ-nerds realize that nobody else knows what they're talking about, and that was the point.)

But if you're curious as to why housing is so expensive, I haven't seen a better short video that explains it than this one by Alex Tabarrok, Professor of Economics at George Mason University

IF you do know about elasticity of supply, then this video can subsequently also give you a quick primer into some specific barriers for housing production.

Zoning is the first non-natural barrier that's mentioned. 

[Cough, cough, ahem]. . . That's what UrbanForm was designed to address. 


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