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Use case: new markets for architects

I had the chance to catch up with one of UrbanForm’s first adopters over the weekend. They had asked for advanced access to UrbanForm Seattle (they had already been using it for Portland).

So I asked, “Was UrbanForm Seattle useful?” Here’s what they told me:

“It was amazing! In one minute, I was able to get everything I needed to start due diligence and design studies for a project I might be taking on in Seattle.
Because I don’t know Seattle’s zoning code at all, I know I could have easily spent 3 or 4 hours just looking for where to find the right information. UrbanForm’s report gave it all to me instantly.
The clickable links to the specific spots in the zoning code was incredible. Super useful.”

My response: “Uh, can I quote you on that?” 😊


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