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Use-case: Finding ADU-receptive Properties

Here's a quick use-case scenario of UrbanForm for you:

Find properties that: 1) allow household living uses; 2) are corner lots with minimum 10,000 sf lot size; 3) zoned to allow 2-4 dwelling units; and 4) have an existing structure that is no larger than 3,000 sf.

The idea behind the above criteria? Finding properties that are a good match for an ADU (additional dwelling unit). So firstly, it has to allow household living uses. But also, in conversations with other architects and developers we've talked to, slightly larger lots, and ideally ones on corner lots, make the best candidates for ADUs--not only because of the expanded space available, but also for additional access considerations. But on the flip side, that property should also not have an existing structure that is too large, because then you start to hit upon the FAR limits that Portland imposes on new building, which would disqualify potential new building alterations and modifications.

So those considerations inform the criteria above. The video below shows the input of exactly those criteria.

The result: 1,572 properties meet those criteria in Portland.

How much time did it take to identify those properties with UrbanForm? About 30 seconds (see the video).

The time it would have taken without UrbanForm? Essentially an infeasible amount of time and effort.

Note: UrbanForm is also available on mobile, meaning that you can quickly assess the zoning for properties that you come across as you go about your day. An expanded story about how that played out with one of UrbanForm's customers is described here.


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