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UrbanForm Seattle is now available

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

It's a ‘soft launch’.

We’re happy to announce the ‘soft launch’ of UrbanForm Seattle today, taking the same power to communicate site-specific zoning information developed and refined in Portland for Seattle. UrbanForm’s AI engine has consumed the City of Seattle’s zoning code, for all 269 zones plus associated overlays, station districts, urban villages, and more, and applied those rules to GIS maps in order to provide an easy-to-use, single online source for the kind of information necessary for every single construction project in the City of Seattle.

What’s a ‘soft launch’? It’s a period where the data and information for Seattle is available online for selected partners while concurrently undergoing a QA/QC period. This process verifies the data and assures that the necessary adjustments are made for us to be able to guarantee the results of the AI engine and any interface bugs are ironed out. Shortly thereafter, UrbanForm Seattle will be open for all. If you’d like to participate and have early access to UrbanForm Seattle, just reach out and let us know.

What’s next? We’re excited to be sharing more in the coming weeks.


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