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Can you trust UrbanForm?

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

At UrbanForm, we think trust is *the* most important issue when it comes to data that is relied upon for business.

Here's how we at UrbanForm address the issue of trust.

You can trust the data that UrbanForm provides because:

  1. We cite our sources. For every piece of zoning information we provide, we painstakingly cite the source, sometimes down to the exact sentence in the zoning code. This is because we understand that arriving at a consensus for development parameters involves many stakeholders, and zoning information is only valuable if it can be traced to the correct authoritative source.

  2. Our data is built by professional architects and urban planners. UrbanForm's data is analyzed, organized, and verified by professionally trained architects and urban planners who understand the importance of qualified zoning information. Our data is *not* scraped from the web from questionable, unknown, and uncited sources. UrbanForm's data represents the accumulation and consensus of qualified professionals with decades of direct experience in zoning issues.

  3. Our data goes through constant and continual verification. Not only do we go through a rigorous quality assurance process for every jurisdiction we serve, but we actively partner with architects in that jurisdiction to make sure that the data we provide is meaningful, accurate, and up-to-date. In our experience, there was often no other way to know about certain regulations that drove building decisions. UrbanForm's data is constantly evolving to represent the best state-of-the-knowledge about the zoning codes that govern.

UrbanForm's bar for success is the use and trust of our data by architects in each jurisdiction we serve. Architects are the shepherds of the building permit process, and because of that, their professional livelihood depends on getting the zoning information right. If architects can trust UrbanForm, everybody else can as well. You can visit our website at to see real testimonials from customers of UrbanForm. We are working to win the trust of more and more building professionals.


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