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MaxBuild: exclusive AI zoning-derived stats and visualizations

We’ve been working on this a while, and we’re happy to introduce MaxBuild, a set of exclusive, proprietary statistics and visualizations that are derived from UrbanForm’s AI Zoning Engine (AIZE).

Many of you have asked, what does site-specific zoning mean? Or, what is a quick takeaway from the zoning that UrbanForm can give? Well, the MaxBuild features were designed to address exactly that.

First of all, you can now zoom around in 3D and see what we’re calling the MaxBuild Envelopes, which represents all of the spatial limitations on where you’re allowed to build. UrbanForm does this by graphically representing the site-specific setbacks along with the site-specific height limit.

As far as we know, this kind of data and visualization is the first-of-its-kind available in the world—giving you instantaneous graphic representation of site-specific zoning regulations across an entire jurisdiction.

Secondly, you can see UrbanForm’s estimation of the maximum buildable gross square footage instantly. UrbanForm’s AI Zoning Engine (AIZE) does this by comparing the square footage allowable by FAR, height limits, setbacks, coverages, and letting you know which will constrain the max building area.

And we’re happy to provide it for UrbanForm’s guests and customers.

Let us know what you think!


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