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Introducing: MaxBuild Calculator

So UrbanForm customers can respond more immediately to that fundamental question: what can I build here?

Based on customer feedback, we are rolling out a simple tool called the MaxBuild Calculator. It's available now for Portland and Seattle (and will be available for all future UrbanForm cities).

Our customers are using UrbanForm to respond instantly to prospective and existing clients who are asking that fundamental question: what can I build here? Instead of the typical response, which is: "Let me get back to you," UrbanForm customers are confidently responding immediately with calculated numbers and data.

UrbanForm can already get you height limits to the exact foot, with all available bonuses, restrictions, and location-based adjustments baked-in. Same for coverage limits. Same for the setbacks. Same for unit minimums and maximums. Same for the allowable uses. Same for FAR ratios, accompanied by the calculated resulting buildable square footages.

And now, you can use MaxBuild Calculator to dynamically apportion those resulting buildable square footages into separate units. Want to know, with the existing square footage on the site, how much is allowed on a second unit? A third? A fourth? For more than 5 units, with an efficiency factor applied?

MaxBuild Calculator lets you do that. Instantly.

UrbanForm is better than back-of-the-envelope. It's better than "Let me get back to you."

Try the MaxBuild Calculator out now and replace "Let me get back to you" with "I can tell you now."


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