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Guide to San Diego Zoning

UrbanForm's Guide to San Diego Zoning has just been published.

Our fundamental desire is that the rules governing our buildings and cities are more accessible and efficient.

Because of that, we go to great pains to publish our Guides to Zoning for people who wish to go through the process of discovering the zoning for themselves without UrbanForm.

So whether or not you choose to use UrbanForm, you can still find guidance, authoritative sources, and best practices for getting the information that will help you understand what the zoning allows in a specific jurisdiction.

More accessibility, efficiency, and engagement with zoning means that the professionals who work on our built environment can spend their time solving problems, building consensus, and designing inspiring spaces--not sourcing various maps and hunting and pecking through thousands of pages of text.

This guide, like our other guides to Portland, Seattle, and Austin, is built with input from professionally trained urban planners, practicing architects, and the feedback of our community of customers.

There's no other way to get access to this kind of knowledge unless you want to go through a lengthy and expensive consultation with an experienced professional.

We're providing it free-of-charge :)

Our latest Guide to Zoning, for San Diego, California, is now available on our website.

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