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Bisnow Events in Seattle and Austin

It's been a busy couple of weeks for UrbanForm, with founder and CEO Quang Truong traveling to Austin, Texas, and Seattle, Washington to attend sponsored Bisnow events.

UrbanForm at Austin Bisnow
UrbanForm at Austin Bisnow (the Voodoo Doughnuts were a hit)

This was our first time sponsoring booths, and the Bisnow events were great for meeting and establishing relationships with building professionals in dedicated markets.

Austin's Bisnow event was the Multifamily Annual Conference (BMAC), and we had great conversations with attendees from ABI Multifamily (Alex, boola boola!), Benkendorfer + Associates (Luis), Cambrian Development (Lucas), Casoro Group (Mehul), CIVE (looking forward to meeting, Steve), Cushing Terrell (Randy), Forge Craft Architecture + Design (let's get that Lunch & Learn scheduled, Alison and Scott!), Grosvenor (Alex thanks for the connection to Ryan), Lonestar Development Partners (John), and fellow tech startups Placemakr (it was a pleasure, Andy, Danielle, and Hamilton), Pulley (Phil), Rebar Radar (Max, I can't believe we both know the Ryans!), and Hamid at Zebel, who has been a great friend and companion in the tech startup journey.

We're looking forward to continuing our conversations with those people and companies in the Austin region to explore how UrbanForm can help their land-use and zoning needs.

UrbanForm Seattle Bisnow
UrbanForm at Seattle Bisnow Architecture and Design (Top Pot Doughnuts were on order this time)

Next, at Bisnow's Seattle Architecture and Design Summit, we heard from a great panel of speakers and were able to make meaningful connections with Carrier Johnson (Ben, looking forward to it), Mithun (likewise, Jason), Gensler (Chad, thanks for taking an interest in one of my last completed buildings, the carbon fiber one), LMN Architects (Jen, really looking forward to reconnecting after all these years), MG2 Architects (Jooyeol, I can't believe how much we have in common), Mutuus Studio, SABArchitects (Biko, yes, would love to give a Lunch & Learn to the office), Freiheit Architecture (Wayde, ditto), Studio Meng Strazzara (Carrie, you're too generous!), Weisman Design Group (Peter, thanks for taking the time to talk), Dean Alan Architects (Carrie, thanks for the connections), Jett Landscape Architecture (looking forward to our meeting, Todd), HOK (Loren, love what you said about 'breaking the zoning'), NBBJ (Ryan, looking forward to the next time), Hybrid Architects (Robert, great to meet you), and Jensen Hughes (Samir and Walker, great to reconnect).

As Seattle was UrbanForm's second and therefore second-most tenured city, were were also reconnect with existing relationships made with firms such as Miller + Hull, Olson Kundig, Studio Kamppari, Mahlum, and our tech startup friend Bryan at CityBldr.

Both were great events and we look forward to new relationships, maintaining old and trusted ones, and to more events and market geographies in the future.

Going forward, we will try to post our involvement/attendance/sponsorship of these events in advance of their occurrence :)


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