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We Love Architects

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

We built UrbanForm because we love architecture, and we believe in the power of architects to shape our environment for the better.

Image by Desiree Pierluigi via ArchDaily:

UrbanForm can help by taking one large chunk of labor required for every project, the zoning research that establishes basic building constraints, and automating it. UrbanForm can give architects and firms the ability to start design faster, align teams’ goals faster, respond to clients faster, and avoid costly errors and omissions. Ultimately, this allows more design thinking and less rote zoning work. By empowering architects, we believe this will lead to better buildings and cities.

As Phil Bernstein, FAIA (and my former professor) writes, "The predictive power of new digital tools can amplify our abilities as designers to solve complex 'wicked problems,' as theorist Horst Rittel puts it, and create new, important, and valuable solutions for clients willing to pay for them." UrbanForm solves the zoning part so that architects can get to solving other things.

To highlight this, we'll be writing features on architecture firms who've started using UrbanForm. We'll talk about what their core design values are and how they feel they can best serve their clients and cities. And surprise: it's not by just doing zoning compliance. Hear from these firms on how they got started, what they think they do best, and how they use to UrbanForm to help them do it. Look for the first one next week.

So, for the love of architects and the cities they work for/in, let's get to doing what we do best.


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